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The Tanning Experience You Deserve!

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Allison Winn is the new owner of Island Tans. Allison and her staff strive to meet the needs of every customer that walks through the door. You will receive only the best service that allows you to be completely satisfied with every detail.


You will walk into a friendly environment that makes you feel comfortable and right at home.

Feel right at home

We provide you with the tanning experience that you deserve and nothing less. Our team motto is “Keep Stylin’, Smilin’, and Handin’ Out the Sunshine!” We are also spray tan certified and we have our UV Operations Certification.


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Certified services

Come in and get to know us! You will feel comfortable here.


Call us for reliable services that you can trust.



Our team:

Allison Winn (Owner / Certified Tanning Professional / Certified Airbrush Spray Tan Specialist):


Nicknamed “Georgia Peach” from Clayton, GA, Allison Winn moved to Mooresville NC in 2011.  A 2010 graduate of Western Carolina University with a B.S.B.A Accounting Degree and Cum Laude Alumni, she set out as the new owner of Island Tans in Jan of 2014 with a goal to give every customer “The Tanning Experience You Deserve.”   She strives to achieve this by coaching the staff and team on the importance of providing positive and high customer service to each individual that walks through the door.


“I believe in my staff and feel that with their honesty and training, each customer will always feel welcomed, relaxed, and educated after they leave.  Unlike most franchise salons, we are able to work with our customers and make sure they are receiving the service they desire and deserve.  I want each customer to know they are very much appreciated and deserve to treat themselves to something that makes them feel better about themselves.  Thank you for visiting Island Tans website and we look forward to seeing you soon!”

Jill (Manager / Certified Tanning Professional):


Jill is your friendly go to girl for help, information, and customer care at Island Tans.  She works to meet her customer’s needs & tanning goals.  Making her customers feel great is really important to her…she says her customers deserve nothing but the best!


“I truly believe that every aspect of the salon experience should be relaxing and enjoyable.  I strive to create an atmosphere where customers feel welcomed and appreciated.”


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Independent Consultants of:

Call today and speak with Owner & Consultant Allison Winn.